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With the increasing reliance on Internet usage, the emergence of Web 2.0 and the demand for extended mobility among businesses, also comes the advent of more powerful, sophisticated network threats. Every day millions of new malware are released, mobile workforce population increases and with these so does the need for high-performance, scalable, integrated security technologies.

At least 25% of office traffic is non-business related. Unsuspecting employees can drill holes into their network and defeat security safeguards. Legacy network security appliances focusing on traditional port blocking or stateful inspection achieve only rudimentary protection. IT managers often ask for ways to identify and monitor applications running on their network, control bandwidth and enforce security policies more effectively. Sometimes they are given off-the-shelf solutions that seldom cover their needs.

OTI employs state-of-the-art network security solutions from the world’s leading vendors which help secure networks, map actual business requirements to security needs, enforce policies and empower IT administrators and managers to effectively control their critical assets. Our solutions provide real-time feedback on the security posture of a network, its segments, or logical groups or users, providing unparalleled visibility and insight to those tasked with the security of a business’ second most important asset.


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