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Network Auditing

Network audits form an integral part of any organization’s security policy. Networks are dynamic in nature; they expand, shrink, and change constantly. This process can change the security posture and attack surface of networks at any point. Users add devices and software, sometimes unaware of the changes and risks this may cause. These actions can have severe repercussions on a network's security status. To keep control over your network, regular network audits must be conducted by knowledgeable professionals. OTI employs experienced network analysts who perform this analysis. 

Our network audits not only create an accurate map of a network both in terms of hardware, software and users, but also the clients' business operations, critical assets and points of concern. We employ a combination of automated and manual processes to analyse machines, devices and critical assets that are connected to a network. All users and their network roles and access levels are also determined. 

Tests are then carried out to ensure that all existing network security policies are strictly adhered to and acceptable usage policy is maintained and enforced. Risks are highlighted so that security vulnerabilities can be addressed.


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