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Running an in-house IT department can be a very costly and administratively-heavy process. OTI can offload businesses by providing fully-managed services of entire networks or specific network segments. This allows our clients to focus on their core activities and day-to-day operations, rather than worry about their network assets and their on-going maintenance. We offer a wide range of managed service packages for outsourcing all your IT needs.

Whether it is a network set up by OTI from the ground up, or an existing network provided by third parties and later enhanced by us, we can effectively consult, manage, support, monitor and maintain the network, both remotely as well as on-site. This provides peace of mind to our clients, knowing that their network is in good hands, always looked after and in top shape.

One of the greatest benefits of OTI Managed Services is the ability to be proactive and not reactive. When an important event takes place inside a network, whether it's security, server, storage, or user-related, we will know about it and take remedial action before it extends to bigger, costlier dimensions. Prevention is invariably better than cure.


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