Back in the 80s humanity was, according to leading analysts, "on the verge of the paperless office". The theory was that advancements like the e-mail, word processors and scanners would make paper obsolete. But in fact, quite the opposite has happened. The ease with which documents are produced nowadays and the “quick‘n’easy” culture that has developed because of it, has caused the use of paper to skyrocket. 

The speed with which trees are cut-down far surpasses the speed with which forests are replaced. De-forestation is taking place at an unprecedented pace. Why is that bad? The answer is simple: CO2 levels are on the rise, soil erosion as well, leading to local micro-climates and natural habitats being primarily affected and inevitably contributing to the worsening of the greenhouse effect.
The amount of money you spend on stationery is considerably more than the amount your organisation actually needs to spend on stationery. You will find hard to believe the number of packs of printer and copier paper you organisation uses up each month and the situation keeps getting worse. And of course, along with paper, your consumables bills also climb (toners, ink) and so do your maintenance bills (drums etc).
What can OTI do to help?

Well apart from following the well-known "three Rs" of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, we have gone a step further and implemented a fourth "R": Respond.

We have responded by investing heavily in the design and development of solutions that achieve drastic reductions of paper use, and at the same time increase document control, management and overall operational efficiency!

Contact OTI today to assist you in overcoming the nightmare of office documents piling up, help you optimise your document processes, while at the same time help you save money and contribute to saving the environment.

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